What’s a Facebook Messenger ChatBot?

A Chatbot is an automated program that is designed to act the way you authorize him to behave.

On Facebook Pages, it is integrated to your “Messages” section. This means your bot is allowed (or not) to interact and answer people that contact you through the private “Messages” section of your Facebook page.

How can you use your bot?

A Facebook Messenger ChatBot can have lots of different purposes.

  • Automatically share news.
  • Reply to Q&A or FAQ.
  • Describe your business, help understanding your services.
  • Entertain and engage : humor and games are a hit!
  • Just keep in mind that the more things your bot can do, the most confusing it will be for your users : keep it simple.

    How does it talk?

    It’s alive interface is very simple:

    Give it a try