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Why Facebook Messenger chatbots?

Chatbots are an innovative way for interacting and communicating with your fans.

  • Chatbots are autonomous

    A digital assistant that answers all the questions it has been taught. Always available, except when it has been turned OFF.

  • Chatbots are fast

    People don’t like waiting. Chatbots are instantaneous and significantly improve your response time.

  • Chatbots drive conversations

    They are an extension of yourself. They can tell stories, be useful and even enjoyable, all while driving the conversation towards your business.

  • Chatbots are relevant

    They offer an intimate one-to-one conversation with a billion daily users, as opposed to information overload and distraction.

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What can a chatbot built
with itsalive do for you?

  • Engage

    Add a welcoming new dimension to your facebook page that reflects you better.

  • Help

    Handle Frequently Asked Questions directly through your chatbot by detecting keywords in Facebook Messenger.

  • Convert

    Enable users to subscribe to your chatbot in order to later receive updates or deals.

  • Schedule

    Engage your users with recurring content through Facebook Messenger.

  • Broadcast

    Notify your users by sending out one-time special messages.

  • Entertain

    Create a quiz or mini game that unlocks secret content.


All the ingredients you need to create your personalized recipes.

  • Keyword detection

    Detect groups of keywords your users type and respond accordingly.

  • RSS Feeds

    Automatically send out your updates. Copy and paste your RSS feeds to create content.

  • Variables

    Deliver personalized content, based on multiple quick answers which your chatbot will have memorized.

  • Subscriptions

    Enable your users to subscribe to your chatbot, in order to later receive updates or deals.

  • Instant notification

    Manually send a one-time message to each chatbot subscriber.

  • Schedule

    Send periodic content (RSS) each day, week or month.

  • Manage & organize

    Drag and drop your recipes into folders and keep your chatbot organized.

  • Activity

    See all the keywords your chatbot has missed and easily add them to new or existing recipes.

  • Analytics

    Number of users, subscribers, messages, most popular recipes...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

A Facebook Chatbot is an assistant designed to respond automatically to your users. It works directly within Facebook Messenger as a conversation and can be used as a great way to send content and engage with our audience.

Where does a Facebook Chatbot take place?

Once LIVE on your Facebook Page, it is integrated within the “Messages” of your page. This means your bot is allowed (or not) to interact and answer people that contact you through the private “Messages” feature of your Facebook Page, or directly through the Messenger App. You can view all the conversations directly in your Facebook account. This also needs that no one needs to download an app and messages are directly sent as notifications to your users.

How easy is it to create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

No coding is required, we offer an intuitive, drag and drop interface, that helps you during your building process.

1- Create an account on Itsalive for free
2- Name your chatbot
3- Create as many recipes you want. Recipes are inputs (ex: keywords) that triggers outputs (ex: text+image).
4- Test your chatbot directly within Messenger by clicking on the “Test my Bot” button or Link your bot directly to your Facebook page
5- Voila ! Now you can share it and watch it perform!

What are the requirements for building a chatbot ?

You need to have a Facebook page to bring your chatbot to life. If you do not have a page you may create one for this purpose in a few seconds. You can start building and testing your chatbot without a page, with our Facebook Chatbot tester page.

Is there any Artificial intelligence in your bots ?

Not with itsalive.io. We believe buttons drive better conversations.

Most users just don’t know what to ask your bot in the first place. This is why we believe in decision trees and buttons that drive users towards the answer they are looking for. The key to a successful chatbot is creativity and well orchestrated storytelling. You are in control of all the content your chatbot delivers and just need to keep in mind your chatbot isn’t here to understand everything but to fulfill the mission you gave him.

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